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Residential House Construction in Philippines

Reliable Home Builders have been part of several residential home/house projects that involves planning, implementation or construction and maintenance or upgrade (fit out/renovation).
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We have prepared a guideline or step by step procedure in building your next house/home project. The following are as followed:

STEP 1: Initial Meeting

Reliable Home Builders can set a meeting on our office or on your most convenient place (house, site, etc..). On the meeting we can formally introduce our team and can show you our company profile and pictures and documents of completed/on going and next project. We will further discuss our system of construction: Cast In place (buhos), load bearing blocks or insulated wall. The meeting wishes to determine the following information:

  • a. Determine the requirements, needs and wants of the project owner by determining the number of floor level (One storey or more), number of rooms needed (living, dining, kitchen, toilet & bath, bedrooms & etc…)

  • b. Determine the design requirements and design motif of the project (modern, minimalist, contemporary, tropical, Mediterranean and etc…)

  • c. Determine the size (square meters) of the house project needed and allowed base from the statistical budget. The statistical budget came from our past and on-going project, using the total contract cost divided by its total floor area as a reference. This item is very important to make sure that the plan or design that we will prepare is feasible with in your budget.

STEP 2. Site Inspection

Reliable Home Builders team will visit your site to check the information needed for the design and project cost estimate. No guest work is allowed to make sure that we can complete your project and to avoid further problems.
  • a. Design (Site Inspection)

  • b. Check the size of lot, dimensions, bearings and total lot area(square meter) of your lot by checking the Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT),lot plan and vicinity map. Please provide a copy of a Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT).

  • c. Check Location and orientation of your lot to determine the right positioning of your house project in considering the direction of sunrise/sunset and direction of wind to provide a natural ventilation for your project.

  • d. Check and determine the soil topography of your lot and lot directly beside your lot to adopt on the design. The topography of your lot play a big factor in the cost estimate of your house project.

  • d. Check governments or subdivision’s rules/regulations/restrictions in design and building your house project.

  • e. To get building permit forms for the application of building permit in the Municipal Hall or City Hall.

  • f. Check the availability of electricity, water supply, drainage system and other utilities.

  • g. Check the accessibility and logistics.

  • f. Take site Pictures

STEP 3. Rough Cost Estimate

  • a. Check the nearest or available hardware store to determine the prices of basic materials and availability.

  • b. Check unnecessary cost required to implement the project (additional for fill to level ground, cut excessive soil, limitation of accessibility for bulk delivery that resulted to higher cost of delivery, etc…)

STEP 4. Conceptualized Design (Schematic Floor Plan Design and Schematic Perspective design)

  • a. Based from the site inspection, size of lot, topography of lot, subdivisions restrictions and owners requirements on the project our design team will develop the floor plans of your project. Once the floor plans are completed, we will be presenting a copy and we will be open for your comments and suggestions. This process will continue until we meet your approval before proceeding with the next step.

  • b. After the floor plans are approved we will conceptualized the perspective or the 3d outside view of your project. The process of getting the approval of the project owner will be the same on preparing the floor plan.

STEP 5: Detailed Cost Estimate

Base on the approved floor plans with dimensions, we will be able to prepare a detailed/itemized estimate of structural works materials & labor cost and finishing works materials & labor cost. This step includes the following:
  • a. Selecting of finishing materials (codes, size and specification) from hardware store (home depot, etc…). This is necessary to make sure that owner will get what they are paying for and they will be aware of the materials that will be installed.

  • b. Presentation of detailed/itemized estimate with quantity, unit of measurement, unit price, amount, specifications of materials, location of installation and some other notes. Transparency is good relationship for both client and contractor.

  • c. Owners Approval

STEP 6: Contract Signing and Actual Construction

Upon approval of the detailed project estimate, we will prepare the construction contract and we will be requesting for a down payment for the project to proceed. Some items that are included in this step are:
  • a. Preparation of contract. This will includes the terms and condition, manner of payments, schedules and target date of delivery and warranties. All contract and copies of estimate will be signed by the client and Reliable Home Builders.

  • b. Preparation of Blue prints (CAD drawings prepared by License Architect, Civil/Structural Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Master Plumber and Mechanical Engineer) for building permit and governmental requirements

  • c. Building Permit application to be process by owner or contractor

  • d. Construction stage from structural to finishing works

  • e. In an event that there are changes on the project may it be additional or down grade. Reliable Home Builders Team will prepare a detailed cost estimate to determine the total cost additional or deductible to the original contract and a short addendum contract will be prepared. This addendum contract is subject for approval of both client and Reliable Home Builders. Transparency is a good relationship for both client and contractor.

  • f. Project Turn Over