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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you build “green” homes? There are many meanings and ways on how to describe a green home. Our team describe it by working or by building your house with nature. An outline procedure:

  • 1. Less electrical consumption by using proper ventilation for air to properly circulate in your house and for natural sun to light your house in the morning.
  • 2. Recycling of waste water that can be use in watering plants
  • 3. Collecting rain water that can be used in watering plants, washing your car and can be used as gray water.
  • 4. Reducing the USE OF WOOD by using metal formworks and tools in construction. This can lessen the use of pesticides since less wood is needed
  • 5. Using the available technology (solar power, wind turbines) in producing electricity for household use.
  • 6. Using bio paint that have no lead
  • 7. Developing septic tank to produce methane gas for cooking

Q: How much is the Construction Services? Reliable Home Builders and Trading have 3 different rates for different customers that have the budget. So let's assume that the of your lot do not have special ffees during construction and that your lot is just flat not sloping, thecost to build a decent house with us somewhere between P 18,000 - P 25,000 per SQM.
For the sake of our clients query, here is a pricing table:

P 18,000/sqm - P 21,000/sqm - BASIC HOUSE P 22,000/sqm - P 25,000/sqm - BASIC HIGH END (highly recommended) P 26,000/sqm - P 30,000/sqm - HIGH END (with heat insulation for your house)

Q: How do we start?

There are several steps in building a house/swimming project. We have prepared a short list of step by step procedure from start to finish.

Step 1: Meeting and Site Inspection

In the 1st meeting we would introduce our team and show you our portfolio of completed and ongoing house/swimming pool projects.

An initial planning will be discussed and will need your requirements for your house/swimming pool project (how many level, number of rooms/toilet & bath, size, motif, special requirements, etc.).

We will need a copy of your Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) to determine the actual size, shape of your lot. During the site inspection, the team will check all factors that can affect the house/swimming project (orientation for proper ventilation, height of excavation and backfilling, availability of water, , availability of electricity, availability of cable,telephone and internet, history of flooding, accessibility, availability of materials, subdivision requirements and guidelines-if required, etc..)

Step 2: Schematic Design for House/Swimming Pool and 3d Perspective Design

In this step we will be presenting our initial schematic design based from your requirements and this house/swimming pool plan is subject for your comments and approval. We will refine the plan based from your request to meet your approval. We will share our insights based from our experience to meet your requirements Upon approval of the schematic floor plan design, we will be preparing and presenting the 3d perspective or outside view of your project.

Step 3: Itemized Cost Estimate

Based from the approved plan and perspective, our team can prepare an itemize estimate. We will be providing the following information to avoid misunderstanding and to achieve transparency on estimate. Quantity Unit of measurement (square meter, linear meter, cubic meter, kilogram, etc..) Specification of materials (size or dimensions) or brand and code of materials (boysen, mariwasa, puyat steel, etc...) Area on where to use on where to install Unit cost (materials and labour) The owner can choose the finishing materials to be used and we will accompany them to different stores. Upon selecting the materials, we will provide feedback on the materials based on experience to achieve the quality of the project.

Step 4: House/Swimming Pool Contracts and Construction

Upon approval of the floor plan, 3d perspective and itemize cost estimate. We will be preparing the contracts to finalize the deadlines, guidelines and mode of payments. All plans (blue prints) required will be prepared on this step and all necessary permits (Subdivision Permits, Barangay Construction Permit, Zoning Permit, Municipal/City Fire Department Permit, Municipal/City Building Permits) will be process. Upon released of all permits, we will resume with the construction of your house/swimming pool from structural to finishing works.

Step 5: Completion and Turn Over

The project turn over will be based on the agreed deadlines. In case there are changes requested by the owner during the actual construction of the house/swimming pool project, all will be documented and will prepare an agreement contract that that will be between the two parties (owner and contractor). There might be additional or deductible items, but all items will be agreed/approved by two parties. The team will make sure to deliver best built houses on the best cost possible. GALLERY

RELIABLE HOME BUILDERS House Plans HOUSE DESIGN Number 3 is a 4-bedroom bungalow house which can be built in a 269.0 sq.m. lot. If you lot frontage is 15 meters, this house plan is very suitable to your lot. Upon entering in the main entrance, you will see that the living area, dining and kitchen are directly adjacent to each other making the whole area very spacious. This open ended design is suitable for designs with limited space. The 2 bathroom serves the 4 bedrooms but can be modified to to serve only the master’s bedroom and the other bath will be on to the 3 other bedrooms. The Maid’s room is also situated in way that the maid has an easy access to the kitchen and to the service area. Bedroom 2 is design to be occupied by 2 beds which is suitable for children at younger age.