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7 Reasons Why Millenials Should Invest in Properties

Acquiring your own house is a major move, and perhaps the biggest investment you will ever make in your life. In your 20s, you start to realize how fundamental it is to have your own space, your own kingdom. You may think about how much it would possibly cost you, or if it is even possible for you to do so in such a young age. If these thoughts are clouding your judgment, let us help you by giving you these reasons on why owning a house in your 20s rocks.
1. Property value rises
- Prices of residential properties continue to surge over time. When the time comes and you decide to resell your house, you can actually earn more than what you have invested in the beginning.

2. More funds for you
- Renting an apartment only quenches your landlord’s thirst while monthly draining your pockets. Rather than staying in a situation where you are forever paying rent, you can choose to invest your hard-earned gold in your own house. Some developers offer what’s becoming a new trend in properties nowadays called pre-selling. It is definitely attractive for first-time property investors who want to own a comfortable home while also saving money.

3. You become more open to other investments in the future
- Owning a house is a major financial decision that most people dream of crossing off their lists. If you are able to do this early, you’ll have the rest of your life to fund other investments of your interest, be it five new cars or another residential property. And you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

4. A possible way of living
- The tables may turn and you can possibly be the proprietor in the future. Should you want to move to another city, you can always opt to rent out your home. Any potential earnings from the rent depends on your property’s location though, so better to plan this one ahead.

5. Privacy + Freedom
- Every. Millennial’s. Dream. People in their 20s generally long for the capability to do what they want, and what better way to achieve that than having your own house to chill in after a day of working? Solo-living provides you more control over your life in general.

6. Emotional Gratification
- They say anything worth having is worth working for, and they’re right. It’s difficult to save money when you’re young and pumped with so many wants and needs, let alone saving for a house. But just imagine the rewarding feeling you’ll get when you take that first step into your own house . . . Nice, isn’t it?

7. You grow up.
- You finally get that feeling of being an adult, ready to take on whatever life brings you next. You can marry, you can have kids, you can do all the thrilling things the future has in store for you. Being able to acquire your own house suddenly gives you the idea that you can meet all your goals, no matter what.

Millenials today like having something to their name, and one of the wisest investments out there is a house. It comes with a lot of long term advantages aside from the ones mentioned above. All you really need is the capability and commitment to make your dream come true. And this is where RELIABLE HOME BUILDERS AND TRADING INC.,—one of the best house contractors in the Philippines—comes into the picture. We can help you in building your dreams early on. With affordable prices and fast development guarantee, you’ll be sitting comfortably in your own home in no time.