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9 Legal Documents Required For Construction In Philippines

Legal Forms and Documents are very significant if you're planning to have a construction here in the Philippines. It is important that we have the necessary documents so we couldn't have any problem in the future and it also help us to achieve a wonderful experience throughout the construction process. Also, if there are problems might occur while the contractor is doing you're project, you can rest assure that you have all the documents required so you can file lawsuits to your shity contractor. Legal Documents required for Construction in Philippines.
Click here: To Download Building Codes and Building Permit Requirements in Philippines.

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So here are the 9 Legal Documents Required for Construction here in the Philippines:

  1. Copy of Lot Title or Lot Plan - This is important because this will give you an assurance that you're the true/legal owner of the lot. Also, It's also significant to contractors because the lot title are also their basis on how they will create the Design/Plan for your Dream Home/Swimming Pool (eg. Schematic Design, House Perspective, Blue Prints etc.).
  2. Now if you don't own the lot, we're going to number two....
  3. Affidavit of Consent form Owner - If you're not the legal owner of the lot you need to get the contract of sale or lease contract from the owner when he/she sold it to you and approach a legal person/Attorney in the Philippines so that the lot could transfer to your name and be the legal owner of the lot or you may try to connect with your Contractor they will help you with this kind of problem.

  4. Tax Declaration - The government of the Philippines would like to make sure that you're paying taxes for your real property.

  5. Latest Tax Receipts - You should keep your tax receipts to prove that you're paying tax for your real property.

  6. Owner's Building Permit and Applicants Community Tax Certificate (cedula)

  7. Special Power of Attorney (SPA) - If the Building Permit Applicant does not stay here in the Philippines (common for our Foreigner Clients).

  8. Lot Survey - Lot survey is FREE. why? Because you already paying the real estate tax and as a return surveying your land/lot by the government is free, it's a government responsibility to survey you're land in return of your payment for the real estate tax.

  9. Soil Exploration - or soil bore test if you're going to put three floors and above.

  10. Barangay Clearance - It should be specific for Construction.

Be inform when you're going to establish your own home, swimming pool or building here in the Philippines.
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